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What If You're Not All Fluff 'n Stuff?

So what happens when you’re not all fluff ‘n stuff?

What happens when the awakening tigress does so with a fearsome roar?

What does it do to your social appeal when you show up in your power, but it isn’t expressed in chanting or lighting candles, for example?

Are you still woman among your peers?

Are you still welcome, valued, loved in your wholeness?

Does expressing the anger of your gender at millennia of patriarchal B.S. and all the incalculable suffering it has, and still does cause - to our fellow humans: our children, brothers & sisters of every race/culture/age/identity choice etc; to the poor innocent animals we thoughtlessly covet for their very beingness: torturing, enslaving and murdering them in their billions as routinely as we make a cup of tea; the environment; the social fabric of our lives - have to be fluffed up too, or else render you not feminine; not acceptable among women as well as among men - for daring to express the eons long repressed?

Is there not a place for righteous anger, driven by compassion, love, positive intent rather than the need for power, control and domination as so often is its counterpart?

Is all anger threatening generally, or only threatening to a terribly flawed status quo that absolutely must change? Is the threat only determined by the intent?

Must a woman be all nice while purging up that collective pain and cutting a swathe through it in a powerful cry for the rising energy of the warrior woman?

Does even this have to be done delicately - in a language the masculine largely doesn’t quite get yet, because it’s so deeply embedded in war & guns & greed to pay any attention?

Must a woman still play that game - to be acceptable as a woman; as a female change maker?

Can those ‘thoughts and prayers’ cut it - RIGHT NOW - or will we only achieve what needs to be done so urgently while reaching out into the vastness of the chasm we have collectively allowed so much good & joy & true connection to be mercilessly gobbled up by with the sweetness of the little girly girl we have been conditioned to be - patient, polite & unchallenging?

Have we got time to pussy-foot around, hoping and praying for change, or do we stand up in our full range of feminine capabilities and storm the fucking castle?

With love,

Trish Brennan


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