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What Happened When You Were Real?

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

What happened when you were REAL?

When you felt joyous and expressed it in all its glory?

When you danced like no-one was watching?

When you laughed so hard at nothing in particular that you doubled over, eyes crinkled and watering, sides and face aching - when you really did lol?

When you spoke what was really on your mind?

When you were loud? When your intelligence showed?

When you goofed around or giggled like a loon at a silly stunt you pulled on someone and saw their surprised face before they clocked you?

When you stood up to a bully?

When you bucked the trend and did things your own way?

When you made your own fashion statement?

When you had a Bridget Jones firing her boss moment and told someone to shove it?

When someone was rude to you and you gave them what for?

When you didn't understand and so kept asking questions in your efforts to?

When you were so overjoyed to see someone you burst into tears of happiness?

When a powerful jet flew over and the adrenaline rush caused your eyes to spring a leak in spectacular awe?

When the gig started with a powerful rush of chords and you felt hot emotions rush up your body and damn near explode out of you?

When you said 'I am hurting'?

When you said you enjoy alone time, or that you like who you are, or that you value your privacy and your own space?

When you dared to say how much you'd love someone to give you a massage, rub your feet or brush your hair, and maybe asked for it?

When you sang full belt like Cher or shouted out to the music like Lulu on steroids?

What happened when you said 'NO'?

What happened when you said YES?

When you shone your light brightly?

What happened when you openly expressed, no holds barred, how you REALLY felt??

What happened to her?

With love,

Trish Brennan


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