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We Need Boundaries NOW - Like Never Before. Are You Ready to Claim Back Your Sovereignty?

Updated: May 6, 2023

I first posted this elsewhere 8 months ago. It needs posting again, bearing in mind how all this is going. Please read, absorb, be strengthened by these words:

"There's a thing .. a big .. MIGHTY, powerful and important thing .. about the matter of PERSONAL BOUNDARIES slapping every single one of us right upside the head and poking us hard with a big-brotherly finger in the solar plexus every day.

A challenge like never before going on right in this moment and it kinda blows my mind to see such huge numbers of my fellow sovereign beings STILL not up in arms about it!

I get it .. the profound effects of gas-lighting .. and how it can mess with your sense of reality .. I really do .. and the true scientific evidence slipping out from under the relentless censorship is exposing on a daily basis, if not by the hour, that we're collectively being gas-lit on a global scale.

Regardless of the reasons for this, it's surely impossible now to deny that this is happening. Nothing about the 'top down' control makes sense when you really consider and try to balance ALL the conflicting information.


here's the thing ..

we each have an opportunity .. again, like never before ..

to step back into our individual (and therefore also collective) power .. and say

'Do you know what? How bloody dare you assume you can dictate to me how this life .. MY life .. will be! How dare you talk to me like it's your right to claim control over me, my health .. or any aspect of my life! I will no longer go along with this, basically, ridiculously unreasonable behaviour out of some sense of polite duty to not rock the boat; to be a 'nice' person or to comply with rules I didn't personally make for myself. It may be I didn't ask too many questions before and therefore tacitly agreed to your 'rules' by nature of my acquiescence but now .. no more! Thanks for the kick in the pants that nudged me to step up and tell you to fuck right off! I'm done with your power games .. for good! I choose life; love; common sense; community; friendship; family; compassion; connection; care for my fellow man, woman, child, for my fellow creatures of the earth and for our shared environment. I choose personal responsibility and accountability.

I choose not to be governed.

You're fired!!

From now on, I choose cooperation over dictatorship; justice; fair play and harmony. I choose to participate in the creation of the kind of world I want to live in. I choose to step up and take back the reins from your insolent hands, thank you!'

All this is coercive control .. an absolute abuse of power offered in trust and an absolute invasion of your personal sovereignty.

Few of us were taught about personal boundaries and so coming to a place of realising we must make a clear decision to 'own' some if we want to live a life of personal sovereignty is a challenge. But better late than never huh!

A boundaried person is probably the nicest, most decent and straight up person you'll ever meet. They know themselves and have nothing to prove .. and nothing to fear. They aren't defensive or arrogant. You know where you stand with them because they know where they stand. They won't let you invade their space or allow you to mistreat them .. and they won't try to pull that crap on you! They respect themselves and by nature of their deep comprehension of personal sovereignty, they respect others in the same way. They don't seek power over others because they have the only true power there is .. over themselves and how they interact with the world.

Like never before, we're all being shown where we need those boundaries in ways probably most of us never imagined could ever happen and we're being pushed to a make or break point where it's imperative that we step up and put them in place!

Personal boundaries are far from a closed door. What they are is a new declaration to ourselves about what we will and will not engage or cooperate with and what we're prepared to tolerate. After all, if we have no clarity on that, how on earth can we reasonably expect anyone else to!?! Until we put them in place, others (including anyone with a vested interest in running the show their way) will continue to assume we're ok with their dominant/dictatorial behaviour!

All it will take is a decision.

And stepping up!

Even if our knees tremble and our voice quakes a bit at first!!"

With love,



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