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The PRICELESS VALUE of the Socially Entrepreneurial Heart in a MONEY Over Humanity Economy

Enough already!

That’s IT!


Not too much.

Not too little.

Just Enough.

Let’s talk about that ..

You see, we’ve allowed ourselves to be led astray. We came in with hearts wide open. We looked at the world in awe. Our beautiful eyes were full on beaming with joy and eager readiness to soak up love, and be moulded into our greatness.

Look into the sparkling clarity of the eyes of any human baby on the planet and see shining in there the very reflection of the baby you once were – your own sweetness, innocence, natural radiance .. and your own greatest need to be love. Unhindered, uninhibited, unlimited.

You knew nothing of separation; of ego; of a need to be more or have more than any other. You knew nothing of a need to withhold love, or judge another unworthy of it because they had less than you, or were a different colour than you, or belonged to a different species to you! You knew nothing of a desire for power

over anything outside of yourself. You knew only of communion with this new world around you.

Yet bit-by-bit, deep in the Delta, you began to be fragmented. Only a little at first perhaps, if we were fortunate enough to be born to loving and secure parents that lived in a relatively stable environment where their own most basic needs were met, and their survival was not constantly under threat, but nevertheless, a slow and sure process.

You watched so keenly as you downloaded what it was to fit into your environment and become an acceptable member of your tribe. You tested it as you began to slip into Theta at around 2 years old – and you began to develop a sense of your separateness – no doubt driving your parents to distraction as you tried out this interesting new power you were developing.

It was probably around this time that the fragmenting stepped up a little in your experience. As you asserted your own drive for autonomy with growing curiosity, you no doubt met with some resistance. Perhaps you experienced raised voices that appeared to be directed at you for the first time (if you were lucky), and the sting of disapproval as you played like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice with your new power.

And so it went on, the little and the large bites of data coming in; the fragmenting of your spirit as your physical body grew and your mind absorbed more and more influences from the outside world.

That tiny bundle of pure positive energy that came into the world began to put on layers – like a Matryoshka doll - each covering up a little more the purity of heart, the natural wonder and love for all things that is so natural to a baby.

With each layer came new notions of separation. Each layer like a mask - the one people talk about when referring to the 'face' we present to the world.

Isn't it interesting that left to themselves, but with the security of a loving and relaxed parent nearby, a group of well fed, well loved and nurtured human babies, who have been born into an environment that helped them to start out well - babies with nothing to distinguish one from another apart from that they are of every colour, culture or race - will almost certainly gravitate to one another in natural curiosity and openness.

No judgement or fear, just a desire for the comfort of physical touch, expansion of self, closeness: for connection.

But with each layer that we inherit, we of course learn to filter according to the influences of our culture, and so begins the wearing down of the natural desire for connection to all of life, to our fellow human beings, based on irrational conditioning that trickles down through our sponge-like minds and gradually turns us into neurotic, fearful beings entrenched in a culture of lack, where the only way to survive in our current paradigm is to make sure one continually competes, strives and seeks to have more than others in order to be regarded as of any value. So that anyone who has less is simply less worthy - of love, care, respect, acceptance - or even of life!

What a crock!

Somewhere along the way, we unconsciously bought into the idea that to be acceptable, we must get on the same more more more merry-go-round that modern culture has indoctrinated into us - and began to lose sight of the beauty to be found in the connection to one another, irrespective of who had what and how much of it they had.

But we positively crave that connection, to get back to what really matters; the value and joy we feel in the deepest fibres of our being during those precious moments when we forget the outwardly acceptable value system of our corporate capitalist culture. We yearn to truly engage with one another in joyful celebration of our beingness.

When active duty war vets – young men and women who should be enjoying peak physical and mental condition – are taking their own lives at a rate that outweighs the number of deaths in combat, we have all the evidence needed to illustrate how much this is so. (Source:

The thing is, as with anything, it could be argued that the capitalist model isn't all bad, but it certainly isn’t all that good! It is in dire need of a very considerable shakeup and overhaul, if not throwing out altogether. It is crying out - in the voices of the oppressed, the lost, the disconnected and excluded, the suffering and the disillusioned! It's no secret the mess we are in, and it isn't the purpose of this post to add to the noise of complaint - though it is certainly to disrupt the thought processes of the compliant, like a defibrillator to our failing universal heart.

There is an issue here that I wish to draw out some more into the open, and it is this:

We have gotten into a model for life where there is a truly massive need - for an alternative human education methodology that pours fertilizer, rich clean water and sunlight onto the seed of genius that exists deep within every soul on the planet; rather than the brain / creativity / individuality numbing fodder that is the usual offering of our current state education system - that far and away outstrips supply of service provision. We are all suffering for it, some very much more than others.

In the traditional business model, the sheer size of the disparity between demand and supply would be an unbelievably fantastic opportunity! However, because of the way our current model is set up – there is no money to be made from the meeting of this need! In addition, in this age of 'austerity', where the ever more savagely biting government cuts eat into almost any public service that is of true value to the lives of ordinary every day decent people, there is an equally ever-decreasing likelihood of the seemingly impossible being made possible from that direction either. Terrific huh!

Instead of the cramming-in of known ‘facts’ to the minds of the masses in those parts of the world privileged (and I use that word with some reservation) enough to be able to benefit from it, the time is here for truly innovative education, training and personal development to take us safely and extraordinarily into a future of new possibilities; of breaking new frontiers in human evolution. It’s never been more necessary – with our survival hanging in the balance as it is, bearing in mind the path of destruction we are on, to revamp our way of doing things.

We simply must address the lack of balance that is creating so much inequality, disparity and angst in the world.

Thank God that there are a great many wonderful people who are driven by a higher set of values than profit. People who have a burning passion to serve humanity, rather than just make money. Not just those who can afford to pay the currency of the capitalist system for anything richer on offer than the current education system’s usual fayre - but those without it who need and want to access their higher potentials through a much more adequate education that actually meets their needs for something very much better.

What we have at the moment is like a body with no blood in it; a machine with no lubricant to allow everything to function or a computer with all the hardware and software in place but nobody to operate it. All the parts are in good working order; the instructions are all programmed in; everything is ready to roll - but the one thing that is needed to enable progress is being kept deliberately out of the equation because it isn’t profitable based on the capitalist system.

Personally I’d argue that money isn’t needed, people are – and a big shift in the direction of a resource based economy (lots of information to prod your imagination out there) – but that’s a heavy discussion too deep for this article.

You might want to take a look at the eye-opening movie Thrive - you can follow this up if you feel so inclined (recommended) here: or if you’d like a condensed version that just gives you the facts about the reality of money:

So many extremely talented, smart, humanitarian and socially motivated entrepreneurs are caught in a trap of being unable to deliver on their highest calling to truly serve humanity because without the currency of the system being injected into the equation, they can not serve the gigantic need as they want to. Instead, their creativity is stumped, their self-esteem is battered, their energy to keep striving to find a way is continually depleted, and their tremendous value is undermined by a system that values money way over the progress and well-being of all human life.

Not only that, but there is often a pervading sense of shame attached to the personal financial challenges of trying to do things that are under-resourced in order to help one’s fellow man.

We're all trapped and disabled from connecting the demand with the supply because in this money based economy, none of us can move forward. We're at stalemate! Many millions of people, relationships, families, communities are broken or breaking for the want of better education in the art of being human.

The solutions are there, available and crying out to be given expression. But service providers can't buy food, pay their bills and satisfy their mortgages on good intent. So the situation just drags on, wearing us all down.

Let me ask you this, just out of curiosity: how many times do you feel you’re missing out on that most important of commodities – time:

  • with your precious loved ones?

  • on doing things that you love to do?

  • on following your dreams; hopes; passions; and natural abilities? Do you love what you ‘do for a living’ (as opposed to the much more rewarding ‘do for a life’)? Do you love it SO MUCH that you’d still be doing it even if money were no obstacle? (This is the important word!)

Being ‘at work’ ie: exchanging your precious time instead for an ever decreasing in value sum of money because you’re caught up in the capitalist rat race - having to earn the money to pay someone who determines that they have the right to ‘own’ the basics of life that exist in absolute abundance all around you and charge you to live on your own planet (sorry, I do appreciate that sarcasm is regarded as the lowest form of wit, but hey ho ..).

And then, so many giving the largest proportion of their lives to doing something they may only tolerate because they have to, or maybe that they simply don’t like and would rather not have to do; or even worse, that they utterly detest. This is the reality for so many – a lifelong trap that they never seem able to escape!

Let’s consider that for a moment:

Think of the massive sacrifice of that - to your creative genius, your life fulfillment, your joy! How many of us practically have to completely sever our connection to our innermost values – our love of one another and of all life, our commitment to fairness and justice – in order to earn money just to live?

How many servicemen and women, who have to kill and maim for a day’s pay? How may abattoir workers? How many bomb makers, or bankers or pharmacists can no longer live with an unethical disservice to humanity and end up like the serving war vets mentioned above, taking their own lives because it is just too big a disconnect from their humanity?

I wonder how many people are protecting deep within their hearts a dream that was, or is, so big, so outrageous, so filled with passion – or even just a relatively modest one that contains the seeds of their deepest fulfillment – that they JUST DON’T DO IT! Because the need to pay more and more money to some greedy corporation or other that determines you must never be given enough freedom from pressure to pay up that you have head space to reconsider your options?

That system keeps us running running running, and utterly distracted with nonsense TV and other mind-numbing occupations when we’re too mentally worn out to think straight and break out ..

Crazy huh!

I wonder how many people would give anything – ANYTHING – to be able to chuck it all in and do the thing their hearts are positively screaming at them to do, nay, possibly even making them ill for lack of expression of their greatest yearning?? And I wonder at the prevalence of heart disease in our culture, and what if there truly is a connection?

Touching any chords by any chance??

Let’s take a little look into Pandora’s Box – or more usefully to help me illustrate the point:


During the last 10 years, I’ve had my own hat spinning exercise going on. Amidst navigating some very significant life challenges of my own during that period, I’ve invested a great deal of time, passion and energy into launching an innovative mentoring initiative for teenage boys.

The project grew from a lifetime of experience as a daughter, sister, (now ex)wife and mother of men. Despite generating some very positive PR and support, hard as I worked, I could not make the financial breakthrough I needed to a) survive and b) launch the project the way I’ve dreamed and worked to achieve for so long ie: in a completely autonomous way that allowed the freedom to do things differently to the ‘system’s’ (in many respects failing) way.

I was however able to run some trial events and, against my better judgment, deliver an offshoot program for a Local Education Authority, which despite the fact of their reducing their original funding offer by 50% right at the last minute when I and a cohort of eager young boys were already fully committed to begin little more than a week or two from that point, thus securing only HALF the funding to deliver the program discussed, a cut that not only very significantly reduced the program I was able to deliver but that also took my male co-facilitator on this masculine mentoring initiative out of it.

My own commitment was strong enough to finally getting my project out there into the world, even if I had to make a ton of tweaks and compromises, and even do it for free if I had to but it wasn't possible for my co-facilitator to be involved without pay. The boys were committed and excited to experience some positive male mentoring in their young lives.

Significantly, certain representatives of the LEA continually interfered, backtracked and undermined myself, my program, the techniques I was (successfully) using and my professional credibility; constantly changed the goal posts; and very nearly ruined the value of the program completely! (Please note the only 'very nearly' - because that's an important distinction!)

On a personal level, that particular experience was both profoundly damaging and massively empowering - I just didn't see it at the time! It also reaffirmed to me that my instinct not to take that particular route was right all along!

Anyway, I digress, more on that some other time perhaps.

Frustratingly, at various points over that 10 year period, I kept having to return to paid employment – sometimes working 50+ hours per week whilst raising my own sons to level out my own financial discomfort as a result of the commitment to the project, and then returning to it to try a different approach. (For anyone interested, there is info on this website.)

I know that there are many others out there like me, striving to create positive social change in the world, where there is so great a need for innovation and enthusiasm, for great ideas and motivated people to deliver them, but critically, when the systems the world has adopted have little interest in anything but profit, we often get stuck at ‘do not pass go’!

The insatiable demand for more and more and more money is the problem – a bottomless pit of ‘too much’ for the few at the expense of not only the many who have ‘too little’, but of the ecological safety and stability of the planet we all live on!


A ton of NEED --> A host of passionate service providers <-- no MONEY!

In anyone’s book – a frustrating and crazy-making quandary! On the one hand; an almost unfathomable need for a new type of education – one that provides true life skills; rich life & character-building experience; self-awareness; emotional intelligence; communication; relationship building; parenting; managing feelings; personal responsibility; community building; true health & wellness; understanding the creative power of the mind and so forth.

On the other; passionate, loving and inspired teachers, coaches, health consultants, alternative therapists & healing practitioners and so on – all great visionaries, encouragers, enablers and lifters of the human spirit.

Many, because they are motivated by a desire to serve, are very humble about money, and many can suffer years of personal financial hardship as a result. They are wonderful people – skilled, vastly knowledgeable, experienced, qualified, passionate and committed to their art and their continuing growth and expertise.

They give as great a commitment in terms of hours, days, weeks and years of their time and energy to refining their knowledge as any doctor or lecturer or professor, in order to better serve others – and usually without the big pay cheque at the end of it. They do it because they are driven by passion. They do it for love. It’s a calling, not a job. They put the needs of their fellow man ahead of any desire for money or prestige.

But, and it’s a big BUT, they can not survive, let alone thrive, in the current system, where the clients with the greatest need don't have the means to access the services they long to be able to provide, or provide with greater freedom and reach. The clients they want to serve have no money, and in the current system, they never will - a fact that weighs heavy on the humble hearts of many a wannabe world changer!

Those wannabe world changers simply cannot operate without the means to remain afloat themselves – to pay their own voracious capitalist piranha!

This is the other face of money – as the obstacle to progress for all but the minority!

So for all these potential clients, and all these passionate social entrepreneurs who want to serve them – never the twain shall meet – at least, not in the current paradigm!

And while we’re on the subject of The Con and how it keeps us all trapped:

The Ball & Chain of THE MORTGAGE

When my own mortgage was first taken out on the family home, and a few simple modifications were undertaken, the borrowing from the bank totalled £57,000, not including all the extortionate fees they charge for the privilege of loaning such expensive money to you so that you can have somewhere to live and raise your family. By the time the term of the mortgage ends in 2 years, it will have been running for 21 years.

If calculated purely based on the current monthly mortgage payments, in that time, the bank will have been repaid almost £55,000, and there hasn't been a single missed payment. Yet when the mortgage reaches maturity, there will be a debt to repay of .. wait for it .. £50,600!

Around 1998/9, there was a failed endowment policy cashed in for a small proportion of what had been paid into it and the mortgage reorganised, with no doubt further fees paid to the bank for this ‘service’ – too long ago to remember the fine details. In the current market conditions, we’ll be lucky not to find ourselves in negative equity. Now I’m no accountant but I wonder, at what level can that be ok? Such is the rip-off of the capitalist system!

Maybe you might like to do a little working out on your own situation! Maybe (even better), you might be one of those people who take the bull right by horns and ferret out the loopholes inadvertently left in the small print – just like with the mis-sold endowments, unfair bank charges and PPI that suddenly the banks got very keen to give back before we all cottoned on to the even bigger con of mortgages! I do happen to believe it’s only a matter of time!

NB: Neither myself nor my ex-husband were at the time financially educated. Money was not a big motivator for me - as for many who are now waking up to the painful consequences of the absence of education in such important matters from the current ed system – unless perhaps you went to Eton or Harvard! Also, as a point of note, the services of a financial advisor, as recommended by the bank, were employed. And we trusted them!

The PRICE for the HOURS of your LIFE

I will also share with you that 26 years after I was earning £6.50 per hour as a part-time temp to supplement my self-employed income (which at the time was at the top end of the going rate), I've recently had a brief period of returning to similar work while re-modelling my own former social enterprise business model at - again, wait for it - a princely rate of £7 per hour! Now I ask you, for those financially astute among you - what has been the percentage of inflation on the cost of living in that time-frame?

And finally ..

On a lighter note, I can share with you how I and a close friend who has a similar story to tell, laughed til we almost cried at the ridiculousness of going into her bank to draw out her last £2 at a time of extreme financial distress (we’ve both been there, being cut from the same socially motivated cloth) - and when asked by the cashier (rather more loudly than she felt necessary, as they seem to do) ‘how would you like your cash?’, she responded with a deliberately dry tone of irony that went right over the cashier’s head, ‘can I have it in pounds please’.

Well they do say if you don’t laugh, you cry!

In Summary

I share these personal anecdotes with you not to promote social anarchy, nor to elicit sympathy, but to prompt some serious questioning about the logic of our current money model, to prompt your thought and invite you to apply the same logic to your own life and situation. I believe we must raise some serious questions about the validity of our loyalty to the current paradigm, and look at what we can all do to take back our power.

As a person of integrity and deep compassion, I have a keen interest in the effect of loss of vitality, self-esteem and even health on people who are just trying to get along the best they can, remain connected, and maintain a feeling of self-worth in an often unfeeling world.

I feel we must all reclaim our own PRICELESS VALUE and dignity as human beings, not human doings that give years and years, all told, of our lives to running on the endless treadmill to keep the money flowing into the coffers of the mega rich corporations that control the flow of money and the governments – which in actuality are meant to be run by public servants – not corporate puppets.

That the vast majority of the western population are paid an ever decreasing amount of value in terms of pounds (or equivalent currency) for less and less of the goods and services they need to survive, much less thrive, grates in a way I find hard not to speak up about.

People are not simply commodities from which to pound out every last drop of energy we have, fulfilling dreary job roles that often bear no relation to the passions and natural talents that any one of us harbours in the depths of our souls until we have nothing left to give.

I know of many socially motivated individuals who have fallen into the trap of feeling beaten by this same heartless system from time to time, worn down by the effort of trying to bring life to their greatest calling. The effort to create something different that is more in line with human values, something that has the capacity to meet the needs of real people and not those of the corporate machine, can be exhausting.

It takes a lot from a person who wants so much to help others to live happier and more rewarding lives, to have a greater sense of well-being and feel better about themselves, to become more skilled and enabled to reach their fullest potential, have rewarding and satisfying relationships and family lives, when a money, not values based economy keeps placing obstacles, excuses and nonsensical arguments in the way of progress. I’ve been on both sides of that fence so I can speak with some authority!

So, how do you reclaim the PRICELESS VALUE of your socially entrepreneurial heart in a MONEY over humanity economy?

What, again, is the one simple principle?

Irrespective of whether you ever get to witness the power of your dreams come to fruition in your lifetime:

Your beautiful heart .. is Enough

Your desire and passion to help others .. is Enough

You must never give up believing in yourself because a system that puts human value almost anywhere BUT on the corporate bottom line does not value your giant heart either! In a world full of misguided people who hide their smallness and greed, and their fear – like the infamous Wizard of Oz or Darth Vadar – behind a metaphorical cloak of smoke and mirrors, you must keep the faith.

You only asked for .. Enough

You only needed .. Enough

And you gave far more than .. Enough

The fact that you helped raise the vibration of human consciousness through the work, time, energy and passion your have invested .. is Enough

You are the one of the highest calibre of human beings. You inspired. You are a leader .. a light!

You built a pathway for others to follow in, a road less travelled. Many great superheroes have gone before you – the Martin Luther Kings, the John F Kennedys, the Nelson Mandelas, the Gandhis, the Princess Dianas - people who never got to see the dreams they held most dear come to fruition and perhaps were unable to truly see how deeply important and significant their own contribution was.

Many will come after, each bringing to light their own vision. Like those visionaries before you, your light illuminates the way for others to follow.

In those moments when you feel you have pushed so hard, and yet change appears to be dragging it’s feet; when you feel exhausted from the constant striving; relax, take a breath, and remember this one simple philosophy:

Sometimes ..

Enough, is enough! It’s ok for you to let yourself off the hook and look after yourself.

And always, always, know this:

You .. are Enough!

With love, light & compassion,

Trish Brennan


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