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I'm Out: I'm a Rebel

That’s It. I’m Out. I’m a Rebel

I don’t do things quite like you

I live life on my terms

My foot sure don’t fit that shoe

That freedom

I won it hard

And others wish that they could too

But non-acceptance

Is like a prison

That just becomes an enslavement tool

I learned to keep it all inside

And so you thought that I was shy

But you taught me, it’s not ok

To show my real and that is why

I squashed it down

Just to be loved

I felt forced to live a lie

You may have crushed my

Individual voice

But my free spirit would not die

And all that time

You couldn’t see

The brilliant diamond that is me

And so, I lost

But so did you

For all the things I couldn’t be

Over the years

The pressure built

Silent volcano

All the guilt

For being different

Had it to the hilt

The aching heart

The lonely soul

The many times

That tears were spilt

And finally

The dam broke

No longer silenced

And my heart spoke

Could not give my value

With my expression choked

Wising up

A painful masterstroke

But no longer a pawn

In some cosmic joke

And all that time

No-one would see

The prison bars from which I flee

I knocked them down

Now I shout out

For all the things I'd longed to be

To be unique

Is why I was born

a total one off

Not to conform

To rock boats

To buck the trends

To challenge every norm

To live out loud

Expand the known

So be it if that makes me a thorn

I threw off

the restraints I had worn

All that ‘should’ stuff

Just makes me yawn

I do it my way

My truth reborn

No excuses now

I woke up

Opened my eyes

To the liberation of a brand new dawn

After all this time

You refuse to see

The gift of my individuality

And so you lose

No more will I

Because of all the things I now choose to be

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