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I'm Out: I'm a Feeler

That’s it, I’m coming out

I am ready, there is no doubt

Already too long holding back my truth

The time has come, it is now, forsooth

I’m a feeler. Yes. I FEEL

It’s part of me, and no big deal

You had me down as wrong somehow

But that’s your mistake - and I’ll show you now

You think it’s weakness, but you’re wrong

It’s the polar opposite. I am strong

I embody my truth. I own my real

Can you say the same? WILL you really ‘feel’?

For so long I shrank, the tighter you squeezed

So urgent was my need to please

To not p*** you off, or seem too .. everything

To be ok to you. To just mean anything

I let your judgment, and your hate

Exclude me and worse, isolate

You hurt me - for my feelingness

And still, I didn’t love you any less

I tried and tried to let you know

I felt the pain you couldn’t show

Confused was I. How it could be

to feel so much and not be seen?

You didn’t get me. Never will

Doesn’t matter now. My heart holds still

I stand my ground and trust my ‘feels’

No more misgivings. No more appeals

No need for you to understand

To validate, or hold my hand

No desire for you to ‘get’ me now

Simply doesn’t figure. I soothe my brow

Some say empath, though it doesn’t sit right with me

I’m not a victim, but one who can ‘see’

I can’t explain it. I was born this way

It’s my real. My every day

Sure, it’s not common (or is it?), it’s kept under the hood

Academic. Irrelevant. Misunderstood

But I know now, I don’t even regret it

The very long struggle to just simply ‘get’ it

Took me years of confusion

Loneliness, and disillusion

Now, finally - it all makes sense

I understand why my empathy can feel so intense

It was never about me. No lack on my part

No ‘different’ to be. No disconnect from my heart

Quite the opposite, in fact, is true

Often times those feelings might belong to you

When you won’t feel them, I still know they are there

Denied for sure, perhaps too hard to bear

You see, it’s involuntary, bona-fide ..

My ‘feeling’ the hurts the world tries to hide

I’m a channel, a conduit, a processor of ‘heavy’

One strong enough perhaps, until others are ready

A way for compassion to come into being

Via a heart strong enough to carry that ‘seeing’

When I see tears in your eyes, you’ll see tears in mine

When you need understanding, it’s right here to find

When you laugh out loud, I laugh with you

When you get angry, I feel that too

When you feel joy, your true emotion I know

When you shine, I gratefully bask in your glow

I won’t shield my eyes or turn away in disgust

If you’re in distress, and shedding tears is a must

But if you start to believe that my compassion makes me weak

Your mistake will undermine the love that you seek

If you assume I will take on what you reject

Then the risk is yours to lose my respect

I have learned that my ‘feeling’ doesn’t mean that I own

Any responsibility for the ways you haven’t yet grown

I so nearly gave up because I misunderstood

What was mine. What was yours. That boundaries are good

I can open up now, am no longer weighed down

Am no longer a willing dumping ground

I’m allowing it now to come into full bloom

And am no longer afraid to let it into the room

Feeling is power. I’ve always known this

Just somehow the rejection made me want to dismiss

The wisdom of the heart, so great

When I’d felt so alone in my ‘knowing’ to bear such a weight

Now I know beyond doubt what I so nearly missed

I know that my ‘purpose’ is tied up in this

Compassion, empathy, love and caring

For all that I do to promote that by sharing

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