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The Loneliness of Disconnection - The Power is in Our Own Hands!

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

It seems a lot of people are talking about suicide. I understand. It is a source of great pain - I know this from up close and personal experience.

I wonder though - should we really be talking about why, I mean really - WHY - so many people are feeling suicidal?

.. about what is wrong with the way we live to leave so many feeling disconnected and devoid of hope when there is so much to be hopeful about?

Is it time to get real; to authentically express through our own day to day example - unafraid to be seen in our pure clean vulnerability; to grasp the power from within our pain to bring about the changes that we all need and desire, even from our brokenness; to never again hide our light for fear of it being seen?

Can we afford to not become activated?

To determinedly and courageously do everything possible to bring about change?

Right now?

In this very moment, through the things that we say and do?

To rise up to our fullest potential and lead the way?

.. about what is possible when one has the courage to stand up for what one believes is possible?

Isn't the power in our hands?

With love,

Trish Brennan


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