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About The Inspiring Company Vision ..

The inspiration for this blog is to stimulate minds, spark deeper thought and discussion about the important stuff of life and invite ordinary people back to the table to renegotiate the terms of our relationships ..

* with ourselves

* with one another

   - in our intimate relationships

   - in our families

   - in our communities

   - in our wider world

* with our fellow creatures here on earth

* with our environment

Also, to challenge the stereotypes and the social 'norms' we've all tacitly agreed to, despite so much being out of whack in the world and where such great injustices, and corporate / political greed and corruption are skewing what we all know in our hearts to be true - that the vast majority of us want to live in peace, harmony, helpfulness toward one another, justice, kindness, respect for self and other ..

rather than the greed; the 'I'm alright Jack'; the profit over people & life; the guns and killing and endless wars; the cold disregard for the joy, happiness, wellbeing, and thriving of our fellow man/woman/child and our equally valid and precious non-human companions on this beautiful planet.

I hope you will be inspired to join the conversation.





If your curiosity should be piqued, you can connect with me here:

Inspiring Company's wider mission is to become a hub for amazing, outside the box thinking writers and content creators who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking; shaking things up and inspiring others to step up to lead the way to an innovative new world.

Interesting in writing with us?

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Inspiring Company Mission

To bring together inspired thought leaders who have an ability to translate innovative ideas around 'being human', human relationships & the evolution of humanity into engaging, thought-provoking, motivational and powerful blog posts that uplift individual & the collective consciousness.

If you'd like to be a contributing writer, please connect with us via the contact page. Our aim is not commercial and we don't intend to claim any rights of ownership over posts submitted, so you retain all rights of ownership over your own contributions and are free to share your posts elsewhere. We do however, hold the right to continue to keep your page & any posts you've submitted live on this site if we've published your work, though you are of course free to submit or not continue to do so as you wish.

Our commitment to contributing writers is to provide a medium that should help raise your profile as a writer and influencer, as your contributions also asist us to raise ours. Wherever we may share your work, you will always be credited as the writer.

We welcome and will consider all submissions and retain the right to accept or decline submissions and/or engagement with writers who we feel may not be in alignment with our stated mission.

Please connect via the Contact page should you have any questions. Thank you.

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